Should we mind our business when in opposition of others opinions on social media?

Yes, Social Media is a public platform designed for you to share a variety of different talking points, but when it comes to sharing opinions divisive dialogue ensues! When it comes to the sharing of opinion, I believe in a healthy, respectful debate rather than a blatant disregard of point of view. The most prominent of divisive dialogue this day in age… “Politics!” Social Media has now become a platform for never ending political debate, and not in a good way! Before Social Media, we only had cable news broadcastings to take out our aggression on, when opposing politics! Luckily enough, the reporters were unaware of our aggression therefore unable to debate or disagree ultimately reducing the amount of divisive dialogue we now have in today’s politics! So what advice is there to give in drastically reducing the division in this country we currently face when we now have a social platform that allows us to share our opinions without resulting to an aggressive divisive hateful rhetoric? Maybe it’s time we are okay with agreeing to disagree while minding our business when seeing a post we don’t necessarily agree with! Whether your left leaning or right leaning we all have the right to our opinion, but when is enough enough!? I’m going to be completely honest when saying that I have myself gotten caught up in voicing my opinion on anothers post I don’t agree with, but never have I ever resorted to the vulgarity or hate of the opposing party and their opinion as some do! Have I been the victim of a vulgar hateful debate? Yes! On many occasions yet I still remained respectful! I look at it this way, we will never pursued or change the opinions of others so why indulge in a debate where neither party walks away feeling accomplished! After countless times of feeling defeated while trying to remain respectful in the wake of a heated debate only to be degraded and called unspeakable things, I have decided to mind my business when I see a post meme or article I disagree with or find totally untrue! I do this for the greater good, I do this for my own sanity, I do this with the hopes that others follow! Nothing good comes out of debating your opinion with those who don’t agree and will never agree! This changes nothing, instead it contributes to the divide in America politics! We are all Americans, we are obligated to protect and serve the citizens of this great country! We may not be united in politics, but we are united in the love we hold for our country and this above all else is the reason we should all mind our business when it comes to the opinions of others most importantly when it involves social media!


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