Are there others who share my thoughts?

As I journey through life, my way of thinking has become more perplexed…there have been many times where I have written or posted what’s on my mind only to reread in amazement! Did I just think and say that? What response will I receive? Will others agree? Does it hold bias? Will I offend? Do these questions I ask hold any merit on my thoughts? The thoughts in which I have conceived and felt confident enough to share with others…Often enough I share my thoughts and opinions on subjects that are mildly unpopular without any thought to the questions I previously posed…Naturally when I write I write with conviction, keeping sure to respect my readers but standing firm on my beliefs. This blog entry titled “Are there others who share my thoughts” goes deeper than just my opinion. It’s often I question my existence, I sometimes wonder if I was mistakenly born into the human race…or am I amongst a rare group of like minded individuals that I have yet to encounter ? Here’s hoping the creation of this blog will lead me to them!

Next, I’d like to share with you some experiences that have led me to question how many if any share my thoughts or similar to my thoughts. Throughout my lifetime I have faced a multitude of misfortune and uncertainty…It wasn’t until recently I found myself instantly reverting to affirmations of “what if” More times than less these “what if” affirmations rarely hold a shred of positivity! Instead I question the negative aspects of every past, present and future event. It’s almost as if my mind, body and soul are preparing and strategizing every step that should be taking if god for bid the worse is to happen…Although this may seem to be an organized approach the down side comes with the saying I hear so often “Positive thoughts equal Positive outcomes.” Does this saying hold any truth and if so is this the reason for my misfortune and uncertainty ? This saying may hold truth for some but in my opinion, I find it hard to believe that every positive human has lived life without encountering any form of negativity or misfortune. Questions arise when I think of how a positive human handles these types of situations. What types of preparation if any were in place? What effects did it have on the future going forward? Was the final result positive or negative? I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’d rather be prepared for the worst of any situation in order to handle it with all hands on deck to ensure a positive outcome!

Karma!!! We all know the likes of karma whether you believe in it or not…I have to be honest and say that I 100% believe in karma because I have experienced it on multiple occasions. My experiences with karma is not karma I received rather Karma imposed on others for their negative treatment of me! This happens far to often for me to count! I’m now at the point of calling it before it happens!

While we are on the subject of calling something before it happens… I have a six sense for this stuff! I’m aware of intuition and a lot of people possess it…but the intuition I have amazes me sometimes! I either think something and it’ll happen or I mention someone and they will call or show up or I predict something will happen and 9 times out of 10 it happens!!! I’m aware these things are common, but I can’t believe that they happen to others as often as they happen to me! Maybe I’m thinking into it too much!

Lastly, I’m going to go back to my writing since that is the main reason for the creation of this blog…Previously I did not mention that in no way shape or form can I articulate my thoughts as well as I can write them. I’m not sure why this is. I’m assuming it’s because I have more time to think about what I want to write than I do when it comes to what I want to say…I will tell you that this past election has opened my eye to the world of politics…never in my life have I ever paid attention to it! To be honest my whole life I thought government and anything to do with it was a complete sham! It’s been brought to my attention that I actually know more than I ever thought…which is one of the biggest reasons I decided to start a blog…Like I stated earlier, I’m not afraid to state my opinion even if it’s on an unpopular subject! With that I have taken to social media as a platform to share my opinion mainly on politics…Since then on numerous occasions I have been told by my peers that they are impressed with my political knowledge and that I should go into politics. Aside from the political talk, I have been praised on how well I write no matter the subject! A close friend of mine turned boss has been pushing me to start a blog for quite sometime…A few months back, I did just that! Unfortunately I did not continue due to my doubts on the successes that may or may not come with it! Tonight I took to Facebook to write up a piece on how I got through my work week of which included an event that hosted 90 woman who were a bit difficult to handle, but I was able to get through it all the while keeping my composure. Past events with similar stress levels I have always walked away with a negative attitude of which usually resulted in a not so positive outcome. Due to this event being held by the wife of a friend who turned boss, who’s wife is also my boss (the big boss) I kept my cool and got through it in a positive non abrasive manner. I did this because my boss/friend heather is one of the most genuine kind hearted selfless people I’ve ever met, who too has been hit with her own misfortune and uncertainty! Needless to say she deserves someone in her corner and that’s me! This status was noticed by her husband Wayne who if you missed it earlier pushed me to start a blog months ago, sent me a message to tell me that I’m missing out by not creating a blog! So here you go Wayne, my first blog entry…I’m sure you’ll be the first to read it!

As I come to an end with this blog entry, I want to say that I have so much more to write about that will explain in depth more as to why I wonder if there’s others out there like me! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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